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Birungi Charities Launch Charity Campaign for Kasese

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It is a fresh day and a one full of great news, after one of the most famous Charity organizations, Birungi Charities launched the drive to save Kasese girls. This is the organization’s next big charity drive ever after being in more than 10 districts, giving out materials like sanitary pads to the girls that can not afford them.

This very drive is under the theme “Let us make a difference for Kasese” under the usual hashtag #PadThruCovid. The whole thing is being driven by prominent influencer, Esther Birungi who also happens to be the director of the charity organization.

This Kasese charity drive was sparked by the news that broke recently in different medias houses that exposed how girls in Kasese exchange their bodies for sanitary pads in form of sexual intercourse. This raised a red flag to spark off a movement that will see girls that side being reached on with pads and other materials.

In the same report, it was said that, as a result, over 7300 girls were involved in teenage pregnancies of which 115 girls were below the age of 15. For that case, Birungi Charities calls upon everyone that can donate anything to reach out to them and make a difference for Kasese.

Birungi Charities
Team led by Esther Birungi donating sanitary pads in a charity drive (Courtesy Photo)

You have helped us impact the lives of girls allover this country including the areas of Moroto, Kampala, Masaka, parts of Eastern Uganda and parts of Western Uganda. We are asking you to contribute to the yet another great cause for the young girls in Kasese.” The Birungi Charities tweeted.


Birungi Charities Hits 1000 Beneficiaries of It’s PadsThruCovid Campaign

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We call upon any individuals, companies, organizations, politicians or brands to get in touch with us . We may not be able to change the entire World, but we can at least change one girl’s life” another tweet read from Esther Birungi.

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