Crysto Panda drops New hit Beeramu Amagezi

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Uganda singer and tv personality Crysto Panda real name Herbert Kityamuweesi released new single titled “Beeramu Amagezi.” Crysto Panda a multi-talented Awarding TV host at NTV Uganda and events emcee surprised the world yesterday after dropping his new hit “Beeramu Amagezi.” This is because for the recent he seemed to have quite from the music industry.

“Beeramu Amagezi” is a song with Luganda and English lyrics. Panda after going through a deep depression and a social media break caused by his Panda Turn up concert was dealt a huge blow when heavy rains prevented revelers from turning up to this show at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds a few months ago.

He has produced a number of hits since he joined the Uganda music industry including Ki Uganda Kinyuma, Monica, Kyolina Omanya featuring Sheebah Queen Karma, Tuli Mu STRUGGLE, Beeramu Amagezi and many other hits.

At the Masaka district of central Uganda, in a village named Kabonera, he was born on May 5, 1995. Crysto Panda attended St Jude Primary School in Najjanankumbi, St Monica Secondary School for her O-Levels, and St John’s Secondary School in Masaka for her A-Levels.

With Sagala Manya, in which Da Agent was featured, he launched his musical career in 2017. Next, he collaborated on Asht with The Ben from Rwanda and Beenie Gunter, and the rest is history.

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