B2C: Mr. Lee Says they are still hurt by Juliana Kanyomozi

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One of the B2C Kampala Boys music group Mr. Lee has revealed that as musicians they are still hurt by fellow artist legendary Juliana Kanyomozi for holding a concert on the same day as theirs.

B2C announced their concert early this year 2022 in February saying August 19th they will have their first concert from lockdown at Freedom city. However few months after announcing, Juliana Kanyomozi also said she wants to have a concert and what surprised Ugandans is her concert is to be help on 19th August 2022 too.

Many people were not happy about it saying it is unfair to have two major concerts on the same date. B2C themselves said they are taken back by Swangz Avenue the promoter of Juliana’s concert at Serena because they know the hustle in the music industry but still they put another concert on the same date as theirs.

B2C’s Mr. Lee said they are fans of Juliana Kanyomozi and they would have liked to go at her concert and support her but putting it on the same date as their concert they will not attend her concert which is also the same as other fans. In an interview with a local television, Mr. Lee said they will not recover from colliding with Juliana but they hope everyone becomes successful in their concert.

“It’s not okay for Juliana Kanyomozi to hold her concert on the same date as ours. We are her fans and we would like to support her but that’s not going to happen,” Mr. Lee said.


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