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5 highly recommended medications for sickle cell anemia

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Basing on statistics, out of every a hundred babies born on a daily basis, thirty-six are affected by sickle cell anemia, a condition which causes their red blood cells to be shaped like a sickle no wonder the name of the disease.

Here are five highly recommended medications for the treatment of sickle cell to contain it’s impacts and the pains it causes;


Daily consumption of this drug is known to reduce on the frequency of painful vrises that people suffering from sickle cell anemia are most likely to suffer from. Also, the drug is believed to likely reduce on the need for blood transfusions and hospitalizations.

However, the drug is also known to increase on a patient’s risks of getting infections and it is highly discouraged for pregnant women.

L-glutamine oral powder:

Just like the latter, this drug has been medically recommend towards the treatment of sickle cell anemia due to his help in as far as reducing on the frequency of pain crises are concerned.


Adding to the list is crizanlizumab drug which is usually inserted into the body through the blood veins. Just like many of the recommended drugs, it also helps with pain crises which patients are likely to face.

The drug is also known to have some side effects which many include nausea, joint pain, back pain and fever.

Pain-relieving medications.

During times when patients are facing sickle cell pain crises, doctors may recommend some narcotics meant to help reduce on the intensity of the pain and make them feel better.


Also approved for the treatment of sickle cell, this oral drug is believed to play a fundamental role in as far as increasing on the blood levels for patients suffering from sickle cell comes into play.

This drug is also known to leave it’s patients with side effects which include headache, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, rash and fever.

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Apart from the above medications, folic acid is also known for helping greatly in the treatment of sickle cell and is usually prescribed for medication among people living with sickle cell anemia.

Remember, do not take medication without medical prescription so as to limit on chances of consuming the wrong drugs or drugs that could have diverse medical effects upon your health.

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